A WARM WELCOME EVERYONE TO MY WEBSITE. Please do read the website. This website will provide you with ALL THE TOOLS YOU COULD POSSIBLY NEED TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE. ALL YOU MUST DO IS READ IT! Then if you chose to change something, decide change is required and start taking action, right now TODAY. If you do not find all this within yourself:- true happiness, self love, self acceptance, contentment, peace of mind, harmony, pleasure, good grace, love, joy, gratitude and all the other things you are looking for, the reason is because YOU are simply not prepared to ALLOW those changes to take place in your life and put them into practice. The ONLY thing you will ever obtain in life without any effort, is old age. I want to provide each one of you with the happpiest and healthiest life you could possibly have, is this not what you want for yourself too? Make some simple changes right now and start doing positive affirmations.


Do you think a Universe so intelligent would provide us with everything we could possibly want in life, yet not give us the tools to carry the work out? You can heal yourself and your life if you choose to, but you must first allow this process to happen. Want is something we are lead to believe we need and feel we must have. Need is a false hope/illusion we don't seem to be able to live without. Take both of them away and you will realise you already have it all within yourself, without ever wanting of needing anything. We only want the things we ALLOW ourselves to want and feel we need. For once we think we need or want something, the emphasis is placed on wanting or needing and if you feel you don't have either of these then you always feel there is something missing in your life. Look back on anything you ever thought you wanted or needed in your life, when you actually obtained them, did you really want them after all and did they make a difference? You are in control of ALL these processes you decide to think and feel every single day of your life. Don't think for one second anyone has the power to change the way you think and feel or act, (unless you are in the healing circle and I will do this for you) the ONLY way this would ever happen is if you allowed it to. Please start to realise you already have everything you could ever want and need within. Place the emphasis on right here and right now and realise just how lucky you are and what you already have and allow your life to begin.

This website is designed to help you understand a little more about yourself. Once you have discovered how to control your own mind, you can control everything else in your life. When your emotional conditions improve, you are well on the way to recovery! The most important book you can ever read which will give you ALL the answers you wish to know is yourself. Start questioning today what you are presented with and then making YOUR own judgement weather it is true, or not true and you will find you disregard half of the beliefs you have been given or thought served a purpose in your life


At the moment I send healing all over the world via various websites. When I took on the role as a healer, I NEVER for one minute wanted to make people feel better, I wanted to cure them. The healing I do raises the vibrations of the mind and body, while clearing blockages and balancing energies and chakras to give the body the right conditions to heal itself.  I am a psychic healer and unique and truly gifted, I carry out psychic surgery/healing on a daily basis, (you don’t have to believe in any of this to allow me to make it happen) I use my own unique techniques, and the results and feedback, has been miracles in themselves. (I have evidence of this) I remove all blockages from the body (very good as a preventative measure if something is underlying and you are not aware of it until you start with the symptoms, it would be eliminated before you knew anything about it!). Balancing the body and putting it back onto the correct vibration that nature intended. What I'm also doing here with everyone is removing all the negative replacing with positive. All these are what are called cancelling emotions for negative feelings and thoughts people may of had and still have from the past. I'm trying to obtain the best and healthiest levels possible for everyone. Any disease or illness ALL started with ONE NEGATIVE THOUGHT which carries a vibration and is energy. What disease we brought on ourselves, we are certainly, with a little help from Holistic therapies, capable of removing and eliminating. When your emotional conditions improve, you are well on the way to recovery! The psychic surgery, doesn't involve any physical operation, that is not necessary. I do all this painlessly and quickly with the mind. No tablets or after effects involved whatsoever or recovery time. Only feelings of improvement and general well being.

I have even learnt from my own studies, that even Holistic Therapies have a flip side to them. I don’t think people are even aware of this simple fact. For if you can bring something on in the first place, you can also eliminate it once you have figured out to do this, like I have. But with EFT, I have noticed that when something has been removed, there is a void, which cannot be left, or it will be replaced with another habit or something else. It MUST be replaced with something POSITIVE. THERE MUST BE A BALANCE, and by eliminating something, which is great in itself, there HAS to be a replacement to counteract this. You just have to make the replacement positive. This theory, does not just apply to Holistic Therapy, but to every living cell and entity on this earth. I believe with a physical injury, such an impact will knock your body completely out of balance, later causing blockages in the body. This is where I believe the negative emotion/feelings was stored at the very time of the accident. Until you clear and reverse the effect with the cancelling emotion, these will remain blockages in your body. I’ve realised that all the pain goes, when I’m placing the emphasis on something else. I have moved the ‘searchlight beam’, of the ‘working mind’ to another place; therefore the attention has been taken away from the pain. Simple, but only a temporary solution. The more you use your mind to do as many tasks at the same time possible anything else that was bothering you like pain, will be gone.

I was reading some of Dr Emotos books regarding hereditary disease I came up with a couple of theories. The book was suggesting that the mother and outside factors contributed to the condition.(quite rightly so) we are both right in a way. Dr Emoto in that the child will be picking things up from the mother and outside influence, and myself, in that hereditary is simply a programmed set of circumstances. In theory they don’t in a way, in that if you eliminated all negative outside factors, there would never be a condition in the first place. My point is, that the mother and the water in her body, is simply passing the massages on through the water from herself to her child, so again with the right conditions in the first place, this would never happen would it? How can it possibly be classed as hereditary in the first place, when the mother, like the water is only storing any messages, and they are being passed via the water. When people say hereditary, we a MADE to believe and told, as there is evidence, that its passed from parent to child and that it is a process that cannot be reversed and we simply believe this? When you look at the theories though, not the evidence, this is not correct, it is only the circumstances, which makes conditions that become hereditary! I can understand that if the mother was negative throughout the whole pregnancy, telling herself she was going to have a hard time with labour and the birth, she would, as she is bring all of this on with her negative attitude and feelings. What I’m trying to say is, if you eliminated the negative words and only used cancelling emotions, or was a happy positive person during pregnancy, none of the process would occur in the first place, therefore hereditary disease, would not exist at all. Providing you were giving the right conditions, you could STOP the whole process from happening. Hereditary disease is only a simple process, which started off with one negative thought or feeling, is was never and will never be a disease. This is my point about any evidence whether, medical or scientific, it does not hold the answer, only the theories do. I have proved through my own experiments so called hereditary disease can be reversed. I have used the simple re-programming of the mind and reversed a condition myself, my sister and mother had. Re-programming their minds, like I do through the healing and my own. Another idea I came across. With all the medical tests being carried out, surely urine samples, like water, would carry any certain disease that we would be looking for, if studied correctly

On the water theory alone, would this mean that No disease on this earth is contagious. Merely a huge number of people hearing about one disease and telling themselves they are going to get the disease, simply bring it on to themselves through that one negative thought and vibration

The Law of Attaction is a LAW just like gravity is never fails us. Therefore ANYTHING we think about, believe and expect if continued will certainly come to pass, its impossible for it not to. We MUST chose everything carefully and place only what we DO want there. Whether we like it or not law of attraction is working 24/7 whether we believe it or not. Should we not chose, no choice is as bad as the wrong choice. Our mindset determines every single element in our life

That is simply why society and the whole world are like they are. They either pay attention to the evidence, scientific or medical, because it’s on a piece of paper and tests have been carried out, they NEVER question any of it and just follow what they are being told basically. The other kind of people, I’m afraid to say, couldn’t care less anyway and don’t pay any attention to anything, they are far to busy in the work and everyday life’s. Then we wonder why the universe it has become the way it has. So far from it’s pure natural state we can barely recognise it anymore. Nothing feels the same, nothing even looks the same. When it’s got to the point where nothing even appears the same anymore, then we should have taken notice long before it came to this and start the reversal process. Now we are all being made to look and what we have done to the universe and it’s population. In each and every natural disaster lies all the answers to our questions. Global warming, you think that’s going to change unless we help the universe and give it all the right natural conditions it had to being with and start, just like our bodies replacing all what we have taken and putting the positive back instead of the negative being there. There will come a point, where the universe has become so disfigured and dismantled it won’t even recognise itself and will be so far from its natural state, it will never be able to return. Just the same as the people. If we are so destructive and with ourselves each and everyday, it is any wonder we too are full of disease and sadness.

I DON'T believe in so called Hereditary Disease's. I believe, that this again is a state of the mind. If our mother has died of breast cancer, then if we tell ourselves that we will die of it to. This is where the seeds have been planted to start the process. The mind and body, after all is only doing what we have instructed it to. This negative thought carries on and begins to manifests in our bodies as the disease. Any disease simply started off in our bodies as ONE NEGATIVE THOUGHT, which we allowed to grow. It is that simple. Do we have proof before and at birth that this 'So called' hereditary disease is there and present? I would think not. .There is ALWAYS a flip coin to everything, eg. day and night, hot and cold, yin and yang. Bearing this in mind, I had a conversation with a colleague who studied Hypnotherapy a couple of years ago who uses EFT and she didn't seem to be able to answer the question. If, by using EFT, we are eliminating a problem/emotion or whatever (which is fantastic), there HAS to be a reverse effect, or a void, which will be left there. Which we probably would know half the time what it was as we would simply replace it with something else. An example of this the other day with myself was, using EFT for grinding my teeth. It worked straight away, but do you know what I found myself doing to replace this, almost straight away? Chewing my fingers! LOL. I am very aware of what is happening with my body, as I'm instructing it to do things each day. Some people will not be aware of what replaces the pain/habit/emotion which they eliminate, at the end of the day, it depends on the type of person you are to start with as to whether the replacement is a negative response, or a positive one. You cannot simply eliminate something without something taking its place. Just the same as using EFT on someone with a bad habit for years. The bad habit may go away, but if the person is so strong minded, this will allow the habit to come back, or replace it with another habit, after all you have been carrying out this same habit for years, you can't just eliminate it without there being any affect, with my theories this would NOT be possible.

I had another thought, which people might not of even considered. Using EFT as I do personally with the Reiki. Prevention is ALWAYS better than CURE. For example, if you were to use EFT for clearing blockages and a HUGE word in the Holistic world I've found also is BALANCE, one of the most important, this would help clear anything, before an illness, followed by symptoms occurred, how healthy the population would be! EFT would work the same as Reiki. Whereby it would heal not only on a physical body level, but heal the Aura's and the mind, body, spirit and soul. If this was the case then you would even prevent illness using EFT, long before it could reach the physical body and result in symptoms! In fact you would be preventing anything nasty ever reaching the etheric body.

The thoughts we have are vibrations which turn into instructions and are simply carried out and put into place by the water transporting the information to the correct places. When you look at the so called medical/scientific evidence, it isn’t really giving us any of the answers we want or curing any of the disease we have, only the theories are proving to be doing just that. The theories are where all the answers lie, but no one is taking any notice of these facts, because there is insufficient evidence, so far. Like I keep saying, all the answers are there, staring us in the face, and they are all so simply the solutions. People out there don't want us to find a cure. If that happened pharmaceutical companies would not exist, nor would anything they are funding. They like a constant flow of cash, which is pretty much guaranteed for life because the drugs will never cure you, only suppress the symptoms, nothing more, they have never claimed to either if you bother to read the packet of pill.

I know what I find, and even if I find evidence to my questions, I still must question it all again and analyse it for myself. I’ve found that breaking anything/everything down, everything has been contaminated and made negative by man and the processes. By breaking it all down to a simple level and putting it all back to the level of nature, and its correct vibration and giving balance is our simple answer to everything in the universe. After all, we are the universe, just like every living entity out there, we’re merely a spiritually body, living a human life. I, like every one else, have all the answers within. Hopefully by making other people do this and change the way their mind thinks, absolutely anything is possible. We can each be the miracle, instead of looking for the miracle.

That ONE positive thought, belief, perspective or perception repeated until habbit has the potential to be a life changing experience and cure for each one of us. Each day I learn more and each day I question more, and the theories I come up with people can’t prove otherwise, and half the time wonder where my questions and theories have come from in the first place, let alone the answers. I have an awful lot of help from my guides, my healing guides, Reiki guides and my own guides and anyone kind enough to help (the helpers are from the spirit plane) If I stumble across things and I’m puzzled, I go within for the answers and are guided to the right places. I have all the self love and every good positive feeling and thought I could possibly have and each day I improve more, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. I begin to wonder just how amazing one can really feel. Any happier and I’d be a twin. As much as I receive, I give it all back out to everyone and everything, including the universe. Each and everyday, I help the universe and every living entity by giving them all the healing and tools they require to heal themselves.

People MUST be given this simple knowledge to heal themselves, and cure themselves if they are already ill. That is what my job is at the moment; it just needs to be on a worldwide scale and I‘m slowing getting there. To prevent any illness occurring by putting this into place before. I must say every day while I send all the healing around the world to thousands of people, it’s just so sad that each and every email I read, is a disease, similar to cancer. People can never know enough, but if the only information they knew, was what I was suggesting them to do, then that would be enough, to save their lives, and become the miracle, I hope people out there are listening. I do have endless replies and they are all positive and amazing. It is so simple, yet each and everyday we all over look the answer. I’m getting through to most people, which is all a start in the pond, which started off as ripples, I’m already beginning to see the waves Before I know it, there WILL be big waves! I just know.

Every thought and action we have ever had in our entire life, has made us who we are today and what we are. We are the only one’s to blame if this is not how we want to be. Each person you have ever met and each place you have ever been in your lifetime was somewhere you had to be, and someone you were meant to have met. Everything happens for a reason. But we can make those simple changes ourselves and be the reason. If you can’t change something, then change the way you look at it!

My theories and the theories of people like Dr Emoto, would make the world and universe such a beautiful place again and the energies around us would be pure and back to nature. Working on such a huge scale is the only way forward on any of these matter’s. Everything is possible, without a doubt. All of these theories which I’m coming up with, aren’t just belief’s, belief’s are something which are given to you. I know that these are true. If all these theories could be put into practice, think how amazing the universe would be on a whole. The universe and all the people in it would be truly amazing and beautiful along with the universe. I am playing a huge part in making this happen, and will continue throughout my life time here on earth to eliminate disease and reverse all the negative effects on the Universe and man, which man himself has caused.

Don't know if any of you have watched ‘What the bleep do we know’ ? It was very well documented. I hate to say this, but I have all the answers they could ever be looking to find. I must hold my hand up to each and everyone one of the scientist’s for having spent all those years studying and experimenting, just like Dr Emoto, but like I keep saying, ALL our answers aren’t in the Evidence whether scientific or medical, they are in the Theories alone. If you do the same as I do, break down each question back to is simplest form and the closest to nature you can get, then turn the question inwards and consult your inner wisdom and knowledge (the Universal Life Force Wisdom and Knowledge), all your answers are there. Then you can experiment and gain the evidence once you have the answer, the same I put into practice myself.

The brain is far more capable than any amount of equipment, which is why evidence is so far behind theories. Beside's who built and designed the equipment in the first place?

All life form begins on a cellular level, and if we can control that, which we can, then we can certainly control our minds, therefore our bodies to heal themselves.

Disease and illness are initially brought on with repeated wrong thoughts, thinking patterns, emotions, feelings or actions (negative or destructive in nature and of low vibration) Thought is a vibration, which is then turned into a feeling and mirrored into the body and if the same thought continues, eventually turns into an action and disease (state of un ease)  you are programming your mind with this repeated thought. This thought is then carried by water in your body and manifests as an disease and symptom, eg (cancer). Unless this thought is erased, the disease will continue to grow in the body. The only way cancer patients survive cancer through conventional medicine, is if the cancer is completely cut away and if they are positive and tell themselves they are fit and healthy and will survive, again this involves re-programming the mind. Along with consuming only life giving wholesome natural foods of high vibration. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind, we are what we think! Another example of this is disease’s that are Hereditary. If a girl’s mother dies of breast cancer and she thinks this is Hereditary, then she will assume she is going to get the cancer and die from the disease. While she is assuming all this, she unfortunately is planting the seeds and the thought in her mind. Each day this dread, fear and thought is in her mind. Her mind eventually starts to carry out the instructions that she is giving it. I’m going to get cancer and die from cancer. After a while her mind is convinced this is the case, and starts to send messages out through the water in the body instructing the body to start the process, after all, this is only what the girl has instructed it to do.

Everything begins on a non physical level. Our aura's (non physical energy which surrounds each of us) protect the physical body just like our skin protects our body. Everything begins there. Then the physical body it that brilliant if it remains there for any length of time the body thinks its supposed to be there and duplicates it into the physical body - which is when we experience the physical symptoms. But there is a cause to every effect and the cause usually begins on a none physical level. Through 

repetition that energy grows forming into something physical later down the line should the issue not be addressed

IF you only treat the symptom, the problem will occur again, either in this form, or another. You have to identify the problem and cause and provide the body with the right conditions for the body to get on with its own defence and healing. If you work on eliminating the root cause, then all the symptoms will disappear once this has been removed. What people don't understand is that a disease all begins with that ONE negative thought, until you eliminate that thought (the root cause), the disease will never be eliminated. Most, if not all our problems and disease I'm afraid to say, are a thought or emotion we don't allow ourselves to let go of.

Consider what takes place if you break your leg.

A doctor sets the leg and it heals. But who does all healing? Not the doctor. But he did provide the body with the right conditions to allow the body to heal itself.

'Since the molecular structure of water is the essence of all Life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world'. This statement is much simpler than you would ever imagine. This is what I do for everyone each and every day with my healing circle. Dr Emoto has provided all the evidence we need with his water theories and if we did the same with all the water, food which contains water, and water we bathe in, along with re-programming our own mind, then all this is so easily achieved. By simply instructing each cell to be disease/infection free, telling ourselves each day that our bodies are fit, healthy and happy, and giving ourselves all the love, gratitude, peace and harmony that our bodies require, is the simply answer. People who are looking for answers to terminal diseases, are simply bypassing the answer when they are looking for an outside miracle. If people realised THEY are the miracle and BE the miracle, then no outside influence would be able to change that theory. I believe this is not a theory, but SIMPLY FACT. If we're looking for outer conditions to bring us contentment, we're looking in vain.

Water must be free of what he calls “negative memory”, this is simply done by re-programming YOUR mind to make it that way. By doing this, we are allowing the water to be positive and in it’s natural happy state, which it should be in.

By changing our thoughts/emotions, we can change the biological processes going on in our bodies, which cause disease. Each and every cell in our body knows what to do to be healthy, spiritually at the very core of our being, there is wisdom and knowledge, which resides there.

Without thinking twice what we put into our bodies each and everyday, when you take a closer look, you realise you wouldn’t even treat your car with such disrespect.

Imagine you body is your car, without it you couldn’t even get from A to B, (home to work) and keep this in mind as you read the following. If you knew you car took Diesel, would you even attempt to put Petrol in there instead? Well, this is sadly what we do to our own bodies each and every day!

We rely on our bodies for absolutely EVERYTHING in our life’s we choose to do, yet treat them with such little thought and respect. If they aren’t working efficiently and given the right foods and thoughts to fuel our body, then there is only a certain length of time they will allow us to function in this manner. Then we will become out of balance and become ill in some way without a doubt. Each day we abuse our bodies, yet we expect them to have another breath there after the last one we’ve just taken? Start NOW making those simple changes yourself.

What if you found a key to solving the riddle of your road rage in a platter of raw mango salad? What if the missing piece in your life was an amethyst crystal? What if the use of a certain colour could balance and cool the raging charkas in your body? Simplistic? No, simply holistic.

All you need is to go back to Nature. All the answers we need are within us and with the right kind of help, we can find those answers.

What I do with the healing and re-programming the mind eliminates all the disease/illness being there in the first place, which brings me to realise, that all of this can be put into place long before as a preventative measure. With the right re-programming of the mind to positive again after removing all negative, the water theories and maybe a little help from Healing/Alternative/Holistic Therapies we are all capable of healing our own bodies each and every day.

I think people underestimate the effect water has on our life’s each and every day and the whole universe, or what it is capable of doing for us. Without HOPE left in our souls, what life can there be?

The whole manufacturing process to get the food and everything to our homes, goes through a destructive environment with each process, erasing all natural vibrations from the natural sources, even Organic foods are contaminated. You only need to look where all our toxic, nuclear and chemical waste goes. Straight into the ocean to feed the fish we are eating. Straight into the good where our food has been grown. Even the rain water from it's natural source has gone through all the same destructive processes which man has placed there. Then to be in a household, where there are only arguments, bitterness and hate for one another, what will there be left in the food and water, when it has been through all these processes? Nothing but the entire NEGATIVE it has been given along the way to our mouths. Did you know, having an argument in the kitchen while cooking your families food, the water you are cooking the food in is absorbing all that negative energy. The food in the pan, which is mostly water is also absorbing all that negative energy and storing it. Then the food is passed onto your children to eat. Boy what will they be eating? Hate, blame, violence, anger? That’s why, with all my food and water and anything I consume, I put all those natural feelings/emotions/nutrients and goodness back into the food before I eat it and bless it once again. This can be used for absolutely anything, which contains water. We are slowly poisoning our bodies, not just through Negative thinking alone, but contaminated food each and everyday that we consume, and we pay for this?

You could have the purest, most expensive bottled water or food, yet from leaving it’s natural source to being consumed has no positive properties left in there whatsoever, in fact it could all be negative and unhappy. The water is storing all these negative and destructive messages, the same as the positive one’s and people are then eating and drinking all of this. Even the earth where food is grown is contaminated, there wouldn’t be ONE thing you would find on the shelf at your local supermarket which had only positive and natural properties still in their. Dr Emoto has proved that water stores messages, this is fact. Society needs to change and quick, we all need to play our part in this reversal process on ourselves and by making small improvements each day to help the planet and the universe. Don’t you think we have MORE THAN enough evidence to show what we are doing and what we have already done and the scales we are doing it is NO WHERE NEAR ENOUGH. You might not care what the planet and mankind will look like in another hundred years, or two hundred years, you’ll be long gone, but that’s only a couple of generations down the line, YOUR GENERATIONS, SO START CARING NOW. There is more than enough disease, illness and destruction in our life’s now, if we continue like this, then that is SADLY, ALL THAT WILL REMAIN. DON’T FORGET, EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU ARE AMAZING AND SO INTELLIGENT, PLEASE START ACTING THAT WAY!

I believe mankind as we know it will not have any existence on earth in the future. There won't be an Earth as we know it, we will have poisoned it far beyond repair and cannot live only on artificial substance. The rate we are poisoning it each day with all the pollution and waste, we too will be full of disease and infection and soon be dropping like fly’s should we not choose to do something about it right now. Don't forget pharmaceutical companies are not spending billions a year looking for any cure's for our disease's. They are looking for more efficient suppressants to fool our bodies and our minds into thinking they are curing us, nothing more. If they were to look for cures, there multi billion pounds business would no longer exist! Wake up. Look on your packet of tablets to see where it states it is curing your disease. IT ISN'T. Never has, never will. It has never claimed to. The only thing you will find on there is all the side effects and even more symptoms you are going to have should you take the medication. Then comes another tablet to cancel out the symptoms of your first tablet. The only thing it will ever do is suppress your symptom, nothing more. It never treats the root cause of the problem. Holistic and Alternative Therapies are here to do that. When you treat the root cause of any problem or disease you automatically eliminate all the symptoms, not the other way round for that would never heal.

I have done studies with the mind and have evidence that hereditary conditions are nothing more than a set of programmed conditioned responses, which can be reversed. There is a flip side to everything on this earth, good and bad, hot and cold, everything single thing has a positive and negative side. If you wish to change it, all this is simply possible with the mind, but you must always replace the void once something has been removed, even with holistic and alternative therapies. Which is my unique technique I use with the Reiki / Psychic healing each and every day. The results are miracles in themselves. I just don't come up with all my theories, I question them and put them all into practice on myself and family each an every day, until I have all the answers and evidence, then help others with this knowledge. Don't forget you can make all these changes today and I'm here to help you do just that.

The only limits you have in your life are the ones YOU place there. Aim for the stars and if you miss, you will still find something amazing there too!!!

Live beyond your Limits, starting today!!!!

Consequently what you thought last week and yesterday, is creating your today. What you are thinking and the actions you are taking right now today, is creating your tomorrow.

You are the only one in control of your Health. Take responsibility for your health today and give your body what it needs to be self healing. When you give your body the right conditions, it can and will heal itself

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