If you call removing some of your symptoms but never treating and eliminating the root cause of the problem working, then yes it does work. But what condition will your body be in when you have removed the symptoms, like the pain and your body is only fooling your mind into thinking the problem has been taken care of. Each day your body will still have to deal with the illness and cause of the problem. If you continue to do this then the medication will only cause further problems and more symptoms, which another tablet will be required to resolve temporarily. It is a vicious circle which your body finds very difficult to cope with, as you have taken away all the natural ways your body would deal with this should you give it the right conditions to heal itself in the first place. Besides pain serves a purpose indicating something is not right and things may need addressing. By automatically reaching for a packet of pills for anything is literally telling your body to shut up, you don't want to listen to it - does that sound like the right thing to do ? Our minds and bodies are absolutely incredible and do pretty much EVERYTHING for us without our input thankfully. Can you imagine evening beginning to think about how to digest your food after each meal ? heal a wound ? move our arms and legs ? oh and the most difficult one so far how to breath - could you tell me how you do that ? erm that answer would be a convincing NO because thankfully its all taken care of for us. How amazing is that ? the list of tasks that are done for us would take a life time to master its a good job we don't need to read the manual beforehand and need to know how things are done. can you imagine

The endless lists of tasks taken care of for us including the nervous system, reproductive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, muscular system, skeletal system, urinary system and immune system

Holistic and Alternative Therapies deal with the root cause and treat the cause not the symptom. This is the only way you will ever be cured. This is the way I look at any Holistic Therapy. Each and everyone of us can use something from an Holistic Therapy in our everyday life’s to improve our health considerably. All the therapies all have some connection and relate to the elements. Considering we are 80% water and the universe, how can we not be effected by anything water is effected with? Impossible. I have studied most Holistic Therapies and realized the more you strip them back down to nature, the more effective they are. We each know our own bodies more than any doctor, any one in the medical profession, counsellor etc etc could ever know. Yet we still listen to them before we listen to our own bodies each and every day and do as they say, even though we have the choice to do as we choose. NO ONE ON THIS PLANET KNOW’S AND UNDERSTANDS YOUR BODY, MORE THAN YOU. SO PLEASE STOP BEING IGNORANT AND REALISE THIS SIMPLE FACT, THAT WE ARE MUCH MORE CAPABLE OF HEALING OUR OWN MINDS, BODIES, SPIRITS AND SOULS THAN ANYONE ELSE COULD EVER BE. HAS THE TABLET YOU HAVE BEEN TAKING FOR YEARS CURED YOU? I'M AFFRAID IT'S ONLY SUPPRESSED YOUR SYMPTOMS, NOTHING MORE.

The more I think about Holistic Therapies, the more I realise I don’t really use them in my work and healing everyday. I use only the idea and strip it right back to nature and as close to nature as I can possibly get. It’s as though someone has come along and changed all these natural things into a way of making money and selling a product, nothing more, sadly.

Aromatherapy, is basically using the essential oils which are from the plants of the earth. So when you look at aromatherapy, it’s not the massage which is doing all the work (although it helps circulation and relaxation), it’s the oils.

Colour therapy is giving our bodies all the correct colour vibrations it requires in order to maintain optimum health. The more variety of coloured foods that we eat, the better our health will be. Colour is a very important part of our life’s. We are a vibration just like each word, colour, food, thought, action, emotion we have each and every day, therefore there is no one in control of our bodies more than we are, unless we allow them to be. The chakra's in our bodies are represented by colours, which in turn represent all area's and organs and serve various processes. Just by the colour of clothes which you wear, can have a very positive or negative effect on your mood and inturn your body and emotions. The clothes which you wear filter normal light through and change the colour which is absorbed into your body by the colours which you are wearing. Black would not be a good choice if you were feeling sad or down. Just observe which clothes you automatically pick first thing in the morning out of your wardrobe. This reflects your mood. Therefore if you were not feeling great and chose dark colours, change it and pick something bright which will lift your mood. Another classic example of this is look at your normal wardrobe. Now compare it to the colour of clothing you take on holiday with you. When you are in the sun on holiday, feeling much happier are the clothes you are wearing the clothes you would be wearing at home when you are feeling down? If you need to speak up about something, blue/turquoise is very effective as this is the colour of your throat chakra and the area below. If you need strength red is a good colour, this is the colour of your base chakras and your bodies foundation. If you are lacking love in your life green is the colour of your heart chakra, wear it around that area. Always wear the colour around the area of the chakra which needs it. Yellow is great for your center chakra, the solar plexus,it will lift your mood and brighten your day. You can easily colour the water you drink by simply charging the water outside in the sun. All you need to do is place the water in a coloured plastic bag,  place crystals in there or both but the same colour. Leave outside for half an hour to one hour, then drink the water the same day. Again, this is giving your body the colour, which is a vibration that it needs. For more details on your chakras and colour therapy see the colour/crystals and chakras section on the website. You can all use colours effectively to improve your health and it cost's nothing to do this.

Nutrition. We are what we eat. The more variety of foods we place in our bodies each day, the better our health will be. The fresher the food from it’s pure source (the earth) and the less contaminated by mans destructive processes, the healthier your body will be. If you eat raw foods, they will have gone through less destructive processes than packaged and processed foods and drinks. Each process destroying all the good and positive vibrations that were there in the first place and replacing with only negative vibrations. We only have to look at where all our rubbish goes to figure out even organic foods are still effected with these destructive processes. Each and every day all our waste, toxic or otherwise goes straight back to the place where our food is grown. The sea where the fish what we eat, live and feed on all that waste. Is it any wonder that fish have probably more destructive vibrations than positive vibrations in them, and instead of eating fish we may as well be eating mercury, it’s so sad. The saddest thing is, we are each responsible for this each and every day. Lets all start caring, we must because we are eating all the poison and toxins we are placing there to begin with. The air, the earth and the water have all been contaminated by us, we each help a little towards this every waking moment of our life’s, so you’d better start caring before it’s too late. I would love to do a study on water or something containing water, fresh and natural food. Follow it’s process all the way down the manufacturing line from the time it was picked to the time we eat it and see what the changes are in the food/water and what we would be doing to our bodies by eating it, without first removing all the negative and giving it back it’s positive that we each need to function each day of our life’s. I’m not surprised society is the way it is, we are full of disease and illness yet we are all still so ignorant and refuse to look at what we are doing and change it. But that is sadly how we choose to be!

Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT. We are what we think. We can all incorporate this into our life’s each day and the results just speak for themselves. We already have our mind, we were born with it, so let’s all start using it and implementing something as simple as positive affirmations into our own life’s each and every day. All we need to do to improve our health is tell ourselves each day whatever we want to feel. How difficult can that be? It’s not even taking up any of your time and can be done in the shower, in bed, in the car, anytime you like and the results and truly amazing.

Kinesiology. This is balancing of the body. We can all do this each day without it costing a penny.

Crystal's. Again we can use this every day in our life’s so simply. Crystals are part of the universe, how could they not effect each one of us? Impossible. We are the universe so the crystals can only help us. They balance, cleanse and heal the body by removing what we don’t need and replacing it with what we need, just by simply programming the crystal. Each crystal is a vibration just like colours. When our body has too much of one vibration or not enough of the other is will always be imbalanced and need to be corrected.

If you look at any Holistic therapy, we can all incorporate them into our life’s each day quite simply and benefit.

Do you think with all the damage we have done to the planet, we have seen the worst natural disasters yet? I believe otherwise. How can a universe and beyond possibly take everything we are giving it? The toxic waste, the pollution etc etc etc. If we don’t take notice now and change what we are each doing in order to reverse the process then you have see nothing or experienced nothing so far of the natural disasters. This is the universe’s way of telling us what we are doing to it and that it must stop. Please don’t ignore it any longer. Even if we were to start the reversal process right now, the natural disasters are going to continue, far beyond our life time. They will only shock, destroy and take even more innocent life’s from the earth, this planet and all the universe and beyond. For what we have seen and experienced so far is nothing to what we are about to see and experience. After all if someone was abusing and destructing you as much as we are each destructing the universe, do you think even if it wanted to it would allow this once we have poisoned it beyond its natural and normal state. Man is the only person responsible or should I say irresponsible? For he has taken away all the conditions the universe and beyond need to reverse the process of destruction and enable it to heal itself. For if your body was never given the right conditions by you, it would never be able to heal itself and this is the same with the universe. Not only do we destroy everything natural, we take it away. We take everything away that enables it to be self healing, and slowly but surely it can no longer heal itself without the conditions being put back there to allow this to happen.

The only two choices which were ever taken away from us in this life were that we were born and we die. Don’t put the emphasis on life and death, put it on the here and now and living and start making all the other choices and decisions yourself.

We can only give what we have, if we only have anger, destruction, blame, loneliness and hate, then that is all we are able to give back. We are each responsible for who we are and what we are, if we don’t like it then simply change it. You have to find self love and self acceptance before you are able to give this back to anyone. If you cannot find love for yourself and acceptance for yourself, then how on earth are you going to be able to find it anywhere else or receive it from anyone else? It’s impossible, you can’t. But what you can do is start right now and change how you feel about yourself, and then the outside influences won’t affect you at all. How can we have world peace when we don’t even have peace within, or peace of mind? How do we expect to be happy when we don’t allow ourselves to be? How can we ever find true love, when we hate ourselves so much? Do we expect other’s to be able to love us when we can’t even love ourselves? We have choices each and every day and are capable of changing anything we choose to. The universe has had its choices taken away by us and all the right conditions to enable it to heal itself. Therefore we must give ourselves what we need each day, to enable us to stop being so ignorant and give the universe back just the same as what we need. Don't think that the little you do to help never makes a difference because it does. Everything big once started small.The more of the little things we do each day to help ourselves and the universe, the quicker we will all start feeling the difference. How could we ever know that the war's in the world between countries, didn't start off between two people in those countries? That little, makes an awful lot of difference. War even begins at home and if we allow it to spread then that's all it will ever do. When you look at the wars in the world are they really any different to some of the family disputes some of us have? When you look at some of the life long arguments between families and the hate are they really any different to what we are seeing each day on a world scale? If we never forgive anyone for anything in our life's, the only person that is eaten away by hate and anger is you. Don't let anyone have that power over you and lead you to all those destructive thoughts in the first place. The moment you fight hate with hate is the moment your life will be on one long destructive and negative spiral. Forgive and let it go or you will be no better than the world leaders fighting the wars out there.

Peace will always win over war and love will always win over hate, harmony will always win over destruction and violence, the sooner people realise this, the sooner it will be in place with our help. No one has ever won a war, fighting it with war, this is a never ending situation which only harbour’s more destruction and violence, in order to win. Where does winning get one? What is really gained from winning a war? Pride for the leaders? If we fight war with only love, after all isn’t that what every armed force is about? Fighting for queen and country? Yet all that has been removed the moment we are putting this into place. Does the queen want war? Does the country want more violence and destruction? For that is all that war brings with it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out. There is no answer to peace and there is no repercussion from fighting hate with love, for that will be the only way to STOP any of this. Unless people start to realise this, then the destruction, terrorism, violence will continue, because we are all responsible for giving it the power to and we are choosing to do just that.

We only need to look at all the disease and illness in the world right now to realise what we are doing to our own bodies each and every waking moment. If we're not taking any notice or doing something about this, how on earth are we ever going to be in a position to help the universe? Don’t you see, we are what we think and allow ourselves to feel each day, is it any wonder we are so full of disease and illness, just take a look at your own thoughts. Yet we are all capable of healing ourselves, if only we were to give our bodies the right conditions to do this. Any disease all started with one negative thought, don’t forget that for one second and start to change it right now. Each and every flower grows every day, so beautiful, so freely, yet without any force whatsoever, only the right conditions. Start giving your body the right conditions to enable to grow and blossom in the same way.

A life full of love, contains no hate

A life full of happiness has no room for sadness

In a life full of peace, there can be no war

See the joy and appreciate life, for then there can be no sadness

Remove all the destruction, hate, blame, anger and guilt from your life and watch it be replaced with only love, peace of mind, happiness, harmony and laughter

Remove the impossible and watch all the possibilities arrive, for anything is possible

Remove all limits and boundaries you place on your life and allow your life to begin

Stop listening to everything you have every been told in your life, unless it was good advice and choose to listen to yourself and use your own mind to decide

Don’t think for one second that something is not possible, for the moment you do, it never will be

We are what we think and if we don’t think it, we will never allow ourselves to be it

Don’t limit your life and accept what you believe you can’t do, if you have never once tried it, how do you even know that you can’t? A belief is something which you were given, so don’t take any notice of that, decide for yourself.

See the positive in EVERY negative and your life will never be the same again!

See the good in any bad, it is there

Whatever it is you are doing in your life right now, if you are unhappy, ask yourself why you are doing it? Have you been told to this or was it something you chose to do?

If someone was to tell you that you had cancer and you are going to die, then offer you Chemotherapy as your only answer, what would you do? Probably the same as everyone else, go along with what the people who are supposed to know better are telling you. What they fail to tell you in the same sentence, is that Chemo is NOT A CURE, and never has been, it is merely conventional medicines way of looking like it is dealing with the situation and disease, nothing more. No tablet you have ever taken in your life HAS EVER CURED YOU, and it NEVER WILL. Don’t just listen to me telling you that, insist on evidence to prove to you otherwise. It doesn’t exist. It only suppresses the condition and causes further complications. For if you don’t acknowledge the cause and treat the cause, not the symptom, you will NEVER BE HEALED. By eliminating the cause, the symptoms will disappear and all the problems connected to both. Once you have brought this disease on in the first place, the ONLY way you will ever eliminate it, is by simply removing the negative and starting the reversal process and telling yourself you will survive and by being positive and giving your body the right conditions to change it.

The way I see doctor's is they are like a bus driver. They provide a service nothing more. They have never claimed to do any more than this if you think about it. The medical profession will never tell you that the tablet you take will never eliminate your disease or illness, only suppress it. They are not hear to cure you, only suppress the condition that you have and fool your body into thinking that the disease has gone. Anyone who looks at the medical profession to cure them is looking in vain, unless the disease is being cut away and removed. Have you not read the article on BBC news website? The new disease’s that are being invented to sell more products and make even more money by giving us all false hope, nothing more. The only thing you will find on a packet of tablets is the huge list of side effects from it, not what good it is doing to improve your health, because it‘s not. It’s only eliminating the symptom which in turn fools your body into thinking it has removed the problem or disease. Each one of you are intelligent, stop using ignorance as an excuse and read the evidence for yourself. Have you not wondered why the most expensive drugs on the market are the one’s which we can barley afford, yet so desperately need the most? The one’s which most of society are affected by, the ones for cancer that we think we desperately need, as this is what we are led to believe. If you were to sell a product, which market would you go for? The vulnerable who believes they have no alternative only death, or the people who's condition is not life threatening? Please start to look at the evidence which is in front of us each and every day, and stop just listening to what we are being told, for where has it got you so far and what disease has it EVER CURED? NOT ONE…….  I know it's hard to give up everything you have ever believed or told was true, but if you don't have evidence to prove to you otherwise, use your better judgement and listen to your own body. Don't only be blinded by what you have been told in your life, when you have the intelligence to work it out for yourself. The biggest killer in America is Conventional Medicine, which does not surprize me in the slightest, this is fact not fiction. Is that all you want to be in life? A statistic for the pharmaceutical companies? They know exactly what damage the drugs will cause with long term use, but they are not about to advertise those facts on a packet of pills you have bought, which with continued use will be contributing to an early death and may even be the cause of your death.

Doctors - ever wondered why its called doctors practice ? the clue is in the name.

Don't get me wrong conventional medicine does have a purpose but certainly not to suppress peoples symptoms and give them false hopes things will be great again when medication is taken. That is certainly not a solution to anything and in the long run will without a doubt make matters and health much worse because not only are you taking away your bodies natural defence system to do the job (when its given the right conditions) but you are also fooling it into thinking everything is ok and it no longer does that job any more because the symptom has been masked like it no longer exists when it does. This also has a knock on effect on health and well-being as a whole. we can't be divided into parts it doesn't work like that. every element is woven and entangled with all the others. so should one piece in the puzzle not be as it should it will effect the whole

If you never question anything presented to you in your life, how do you ever expect to learn from it and have the answers you want? Start realising you have an intelligent mind and start to use it, instead of allowing others to make the decisions for you. Then no one else on this planet can ever be responsible for how you feel and what you think, you will always be in complete control of your actions and your life.



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