Therapy Courses / Energy Healing

Are you looking to learn or practise a new therapy ?

Something which you can use on yourself as well as others ?

Something which is easy and effortless to practise ?

Something which is interesting ?

Something which actually works ?

All the therapies are energy based including colour therapy, crystals, charkas / chakra balancing, usui reiki and many more easy and effective forms of healing. How you can use the therapies to improve your health & well-being and obtain balance in Life and ongoing support

Energy based healing is working by removing blockages and balancing the bodies own energy systems including the main energy centres the charkas and smaller energy centres meridians. When balance is achieved internally areas in life will be back in balance. The therapies are working inside out. Rather than just removing a physical symptom which is only the effect not the cause the therapies remove the root cause, which eliminates symptoms. All energy based therapies carry vibrations, which work with your own to raise the vibrations to a much higher level where perfect health and well-being can be found along with balance

Just a few of the Benefits you can look forward to receiving from the therapies

Promotes natural self-healing

Balances the energies in the body

Heals holistically

Strengthens the immune system

Relieves pain

Clears toxins

Enhances personal awareness

Relaxes and reduces stress

Promotes creativity

Treats symptoms and causes of illness

Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver.

Releases blocked and suppressed feelings

Balances the organs and glands and their bodily functions

Aids meditation and positive thinking

You will receive detailed manual covering all therapies, showing how they can be used and practised on yourself and others, along with on going support. The certificate is a recognised Diploma and sent in the post

Secure payment can be made at the webstore or via the paypal buttons without a paypal account. The only thing which you are required to do in decide when you would like to do the course. The manuals is emailed straight away in PDF format ready to print and the certificate sent in the post

Feedback can be found from hundreds of people on the guest book, along with testimonials page


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