Some of these treatments and therapies can be carried in person and also through distant means, both with exactly the same amazing results.

Holistic Treatment / Body Balance - Healing the mind, body, spirit and soul. This treatment includes Reiki Healing, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing and clearing all at the same time. Guaranteed to notice the difference immediately with this treatment - £40.00

Reiki - Reiki treatments last around one hour and work to heal the mind, body, spirit and soul. There are many benefits to Reiki including: Promotes natural health, balances the energies in the body, heals holistically, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain. Clears toxins, enhances personal awareness, relaxes and reduces stress. Promotes creativity, treats symptoms and causes of illness. Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver. Release blocked and suppressed feelings. Balances the organs, glands, chakra’s and their bodily functions. Aids meditation and positive thinking and so much more - £40.00

Distant Reiki - Reiki can be sent as distant healing and has exactly the same benefits as having a treatment in person. All I require is you name and address/location and I will send you healing each day for one week. You will certainly notice improvements - £20.00

Reiki Attunements/Workshops - All levels, Reiki 1, Reiki 11 and Reiki Master - Prices from £35.00 see Reiki Attunements for more details

Thai Massage - (Studied in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand) Removes blockages from the body and balances the body. Working on the meridians, chakra’s and energy centres of the body. Treatments last Around one hour  - £40.00

Crystal Healing with Reiki - Works on balancing, clearing and cleansing of the body.Working with the energy centre’s on the body, the chakra’s. Treatment lasts around one hour - £40.00

Meridian Psychotherapy / EFT - ‘Emotional Freedom Therapy’ - Using an ancient technique tapping the Meridian lines of the body removing mental, emotional and physical blockages. EFT can usually eliminate problems in one session. Involves using the bodies own energy centre’s to remove habits, phobia’s, patterns and very deep emotional troubles which may remain with us from childhood. EFT involves tapping the meridians, which are the energy centre’s of the body, to remove, balance or correct the body. It’s very effective and in some cases the results are immediate and last - £40.00

Chakra Balancing CD / Relaxtion CD- £5.00

Colour Therapy - Correcting the body by establishing a balance of colours/vibrations in your life. Using Crystals, Reiki and Colours to improve your health and well-being and establish balance-£40.00

Colour Therapy Consultation - Correcting the body by establishing a balance of colours/vibrations in your life. Taking into account the colour's in your environment and the effect they may be having on your health. Covering the colour of food you eat, clothes you wear and which colour represents each area of the body and chakra’s functions. To improve health and well-being - £60.00

Chakra balancing. Using Reiki and Crystal’s at the same time to balance the mind, body, spirit and soul. Treatment generally last around one hour fifteen minutes. This can be done in person or through distant means with exactly the same results. Have your Chakra's balanced Today and feel the difference in your health and well-being instantly. £40.00 in person / distant £20.00

Kinesiology - Is a way of balancing health by testing muscles. Our bodies contain invisible energies flowing throughout our organs and tissues. It is only when these circuits of energy are free-flowing and balanced that we are in a state of good health and well-being. These energy circuits can become blocked in times of stress or illness and we become weak if we use more energy than we can generate. The weaknesses can be clearly identified with simple muscle testing - the effected muscle displaying loss of strength. It’s a very effective and natural way of testing for allergies or sensitivities to certain foods, but also pin points deficiencies of vitamins and minerals -£60.00

Nutrition - If you provide the body with the right conditions, it will heal itself. The body is a powerful self regenerating organism. It has all the necessary systems for regeneration, rejuvenation and rebuilding. It has an extremely efficient Immune System which is capable of fending off the most damaging invaders. So why is there disease? The very word means that the body is in a state of Dis-ease. It is certainly not being provided with the optimum conditions that is require to maintain itself healthily. Unless you provide your body with the right conditions, both mentally, physically and spiritually, it will not function at its optimum level. The triangle of mine, body and spirit represents the three inseparable components or our being and wellness. None of these factors can be effected with there being an effect on the other’s. Similarly, you cannot treat one without considering the others - In person / Online - £60.00

Health & Well-Being Consultations - Establishing the root cause of the problem with the initial consultation and I will recommend the most effective therapy to deal with and eliminate the problem. The price involves the therapy and all information to enable you maintain optimum health and well being

Looking at the over all state of your body in great depth. Using alternative therapies right for you to work through and solve issues or problems. Improving the body mentally, emotionally and physically and spiritually - Ongoing for one month - £150.00

If you wish to work on a particular area/issue or problem - £60.00

Including Therapy in person / distant

Most therapies can be carried out in person, online, over the phone or Skype, you don't need to see me in person

Let the healing circle transform your way of thinking

Healing Circle - Reiki Healing / Psychic Healing / Surgery. See under Reiki section for details.

Why not take advantage of my Healing Circle and join today for £35.00 for constant Healing for 1 YEAR. Improve your health and well-being today, join the healing circle and feel the difference.

Crystal Sets - Crystals have so many wonderful properties to provide us with to improve our health and balance our body to its correct vibration. Crystals heal on all level's, healing the mind, body, spirit and soul and become unique to the individual. They can be used each day to promote good health and for any issues or problems one may have. To order a set of crystals, which have been cleansed, blessed and filled with Reiki. Excellent quality Small unpolished raw Crystals £6.00, ideal for travelling with, medium raw Crystals £8.00 and large unpolished raw crystals £10.00. All supplied with Japanese carry case and instructions ready to use.

Set’s of beautiful unpolished crystals can be purchased ready to use and charged with Reiki. In Japanese coloured carry case complete with instructions on how to use, where to place, specific things they can be used for and how to cleanse and re-programme them. Also a Chakra chart to enable you to use the crystals for healing.


Usui Reiki 1 Diploma / attunement ONLY £35 If you are looking to teach reiki or a change in career then why not take advantage of the package for ALL Usui levels 1,2 & reiki master only £175 - USUAL PRICE £235. These attunements will change your life and enable you to teach reiki and attune others.

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Many Therapies can be carried out in person and through distant means

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