When you give your body the right conditions, it can and will heal itself

FREE Healing NOW / Free Reiki Healing / Free Healing

FOR HEALING NOW sit infront of this picture, close your eyes, imagine your head opening up to receive the healing and be open to receiving the healing

This picture remains charged with healing, just be open to allowing the healing in. You may experience pressure around your head, tingling, cold, hot, colours and many other sensations or you may feel nothing, but the healing is working all the same

When you give your body the right conditions, it can and will heal itself

HEALING CIRCLE - As featured in New Woman Magazine, BBC Radio & Blogtalk Radio

Do you sometimes wonder what its all about or feel there must be more to life than this ?

No matter what you do you still feel some kind of void or missing piece in your life

If you are feeling that there is something missing in your life that you can’t quite pin point, chances are that it’s your spirituality.

Are you happy with all areas of your Life? Career, love, job, recreation, success, goals ?

Do you feel as though something is missing from your Life ?

Do you need more positive changes in any area of your life ?

Are you on the right path in life and fulfilling your life purpose ? Or does everyday seem like groundhog day?

Need a little help with some extra healing ?

Don’t just hope that things will get better without taking any action. Nothing in life can happen without movement of some kind. We can never attract what we are lacking from life by thinking about what is lacking, this will only attract more of the same and what we do not want.

Imagine the next time you were feeling stressed or have backache or a headache and instead of popping a pill to suppress the symptom you could heal yourself. Well you can. The only thing you are required to do is place your hands on or close to yourself or others and the healing will take place.

Reiki can transform your life in so many positive ways and will encourage many positive changes which may be long over due.

Healing Circle

Receive distant Healing for 1 MONTH and feel the difference in your Health and Well-being. The healing Circle is a great preventative measure for present and future health as well as removing any old issues from your past and changing your thoughts and thinking patterns into more positive ones instead of the negative and repetitive ones we think each day. Payment can be made through any paypal button

I’ve been a Reiki Master for over 23 years and the healing I do each day in my healing circle is Reiki healing / Psychic healing/surgery. When I took on the role as a healer, I NEVER for one minute wanted to make people feel better, I wanted to remove the root cause of the problem eliminating the symptom. My healing works on all levels mental, emotional, physical and spiritual by raising a persons vibrations removing blockages and imbalances to restore health and well-being on a cellular level giving the mind and body the right conditions to enable it to heal itself. The healing I carry out distant and in person is not just Reiki, its a combination of many forms and techniques including my own which I have discovered over the years through healing and teaching reiki. Methods which actually work and get results quick. Removing all learned pain and programs from past for present and future and all life times

Reiki is one of the oldest and most powerful and effective forms of natural healing. Reiki is a Japanese name for the powerful natural healing energy that surrounds everything in the world. Call it what you will, its what makes us tick! Reiki energy revitalises and refreshes the mind, body and soul.

The Healing Circle can help to heal every kind of physical problem including sports injuries, broken bones, back problems and serious illness or disease. Reiki healing is also particularly effective in combating stress, tension, depression, PMS and all forms of emotional trouble. Treatments can help you cope during times of upheaval and change. Some people can enjoy Reiki simply as a relaxing way to recharge their batteries and boost their energy levels, or to improve their general health and well-being.

There are many beneficial effects:

Promotes natural self-healing
Balances the energies in the body
Heals holistically
Strengthens the immune system
Relieves pain
Clears toxins
Enhances personal awareness
Relaxes and reduces stress
Promotes creativity
Treats symptoms and causes of illness
Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver.
Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
Balances the organs and glands and their bodily functions
Aids meditation and positive thinking

The Healing Circle will remove all blockages from the body & Aura's, excellent as a preventative measure if something is underlying and you are not aware of it until you start with the symptoms, it would be eliminated before you knew anything about it.

All negative is removed and replaced with ONLY positive. Positive thoughts, thinking patterns, emotions, feelings and actions.

Balancing the body and putting it back onto the correct vibration that nature intended. The older we get in life, the more conditions and limiting beliefs we place on ourselves. Things related to our past, upbringing, things which have happened in our life, whether negative or positive will affect the way we proceed in the future when faced with the same issues and also perhaps impede our judgement based on past experience which may have lead to failure in one area of our life or another. The healing removes negative (which are low frequencies and vibrations) and replaces with higher vibrations and only positive energy

I obtain the best and healthiest levels possible for everyone

All physical conditions and problems we have start on a non physical level. The symptoms people suffer from are only effects of the mental and emotional thoughts and thinking patterns we have (and sometimes do not find it easy to let go of) We DON’T need one negative thought in our life, yet the majority of humans do consciously or unconsciously have these, some of the time not even being aware they are even there, we have carried the emotional baggage for so long. Imagine you have been shopping and are carrying bags of groceries after shopping, this is what most of us do in everyday life and wonder why we sometimes feel so weighed down or stuck in life.

Any disease or illness ALL started on a non physical level. What disease we brought on ourselves, we are certainly, with a little help from Holistic therapies, capable of removing and eliminating. Don't forget your body helped create and manifest the disease or illness in the first place, it's more than capable of reversing ANY illness or disease and removing it, when given the right conditions to enable it to heal itself naturally. When your emotional conditions improve, you are well on the way to recovery! The psychic surgery, doesn't involve any physical operation that is not necessary. I do all this painlessly and quickly with the mind. No tablets or after effects involved whatsoever or recovery time. Only feelings of improvement, love, happiness and general well being. Why not take advantage of my Healing Circle and join today for £35.00 and receive Healing for 1 YEAR. Improve your health and well-being today, join the healing circle and I guarantee you will notice and feel the difference and also notice positive changes in your life

Take advantage of the special. Join the Healing Circle and receive healing for 1 whole YEAR and receive Usui Reiki level 1 attunement to enable you to heal yourself and others. This is a recognised Diploma should you with to practise. Make a decision right now, today to change your Life in so many positive ways and receive them both the SAME DAY. Buy now and receive today and your Life will never be the same again. I can assure you what you will receive from my services will be worth far more to you than the price value.

These are some of the benefits you can expect to experience and feel being in the Healing Circle over 12 months

Much more positive and optimistic

Happier for no reason


Weight loss

Peace of mind

Purpose and passion - discover your calling

Much more relaxed about life

Balanced Charkas (main energy centers of the body)

The healing circle covers everything and heals on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing on a cellular level

The Law of Attraction is always working behind the scenes whether we use it to our advantage or not. The Healing Circle WILL increase your power of attraction due to the fact that your vibrations will be positive and much higher which translates towards attracting what you desire, rather than what is lacking and negatives vibrations and programs running from the past.

If you are ready and willing to allow the changes to take place the healing circle will change your life in so many positive ways and encourage many positive changes which may be long over due

The Well-Being package will speed up the whole process considerably and change your Life around

Don’t you think its time you invested in your own health and well-being TODAY ?

How much money do you spend of trying to feel good or improve your health and well-being and does it work ?

Do you have an MOT check for your health and well-being?

How much effort must you put into a work out to feel good and get that buzz ?

How much would you pay to feel happy for NO reason ?

To feel great all the time ?

Can we really place a price on our health and well-being ? Everything depends on it

Its priceless but join the healing circle TODAY and that’s how you’ll feel in a matter of days !!! - Happy for no reason and feeling amazing

Don’t wait one more minute feeling the way you do. Don’t waste one more day feeling crappy - its time to be happy

Get your dose of daily X Factor TODAY and every day

Don’t place your health on the bottom of your to do list make some changes today and join the healing circle

The Healing Circle is an inside fix which will dictate all others areas in your life

Don’t take my word for it see feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers on the guest book

Join the Healing Circle right now and you will also receive easy to follow details on how to use Colour Therapy and Crystals to improve your health and Well-being.

Using Colour Therapy in your diet and eating certain colours of food to improve your health by balancing the Chakra where the problem area relates

Print outs you can use to place anywhere to remind you which Chakra’s serve which areas of the body

Details on all Chakra’s and how you can pin point problems / problem areas physical and also emotional and which colours to use to correct the problems and improve your health and lift your moods and feel the difference in your life. Chakra Balancing - A simple yet very effective way of balancing the main energy center’s of the body, our Chakras. Chakras serve all areas of our body and bodily functions. To reach and maintain optimum health and well being we need to continuously give our body the right conditions to enable it to heal itself

Details on Crystals and how they can be used to promote better health.

Why not enhance the healing circle further and become attuned to Reiki. Usui Reiki 1 attunement ONLY £35 to enable you to heal yourself and others by simply placing your hands onto or above yourself or others. Healing takes place after the attunement on all level’s. Reiki really is life changing in so many ways.

Once payment has been made you will be added into my Healing Circle the same evening. If your address is different from the one registered on your paypal account, please advise me of this by email, as this is where the healing is being sent to you

Join the Healing circle TODAY and feel the difference in your health and well-being. Healing Circle for one year ONLY £35 its a great investment for anyones health and well-being. For healing feedback see feedback page / testimonials

If you don't take time for your health now, you will need to taken time for illness later

If you would like some distant healing sending before you decide whether to join the healing circle simply email your name and address or location VIA CONTACT PAGE and I will gladly send you some healing

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I am a Physician from Mumbai India and although I am primarily trained in Allopathy, I have a good knowledge of Homeopathy and now thanks to Victoria I have been introduced to Reiki. I have had this great dream of Integrating Main stream Medicine with the Complementary forms of healing. I am now a great believer of Reiki and I think all Physicians should come together and heal the world wholistically. To this end, I should applaud the bold effort by Victoria and I wish that she goes from strength to strength and makes this knowlege available to all. Like all new and bold ventures, I am sure there will be criticism, scorn and skepticism that will greet her. But, I am sure that Victoria - as her name suggests will be victorious. She is one of the most powerful comtemporary healers I really wish her all the success.

Loads of love to all. Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan

"My dearest Victoria, You are really a FAIRY GOD MOTHER. You see, ever since you came into my life, which was just a few weeks ago, I am not the same. I was skeptical as any allopathically grounded physician would be. One day, while sitting in my clinic after finishing my work, I went into a deep meditative state - spontaneously. Some higher power played out my negative traits and my deepest fears and all my pain. But, I was in a detached state and I always experienced some backround pain in my body. That vanished. I suddenly became very loving, caring and all the things I hoped to be. I found out that I had become very blissful and childlike. I felt that my chakras have been synchronised and were rotating in unision. I am constantly feeling blissful since then and feel a power emitting from the top of the head. The skeptic part of me was shocked into silence and was waiting to find fault with this state.But the trusting part of me understood that some healing energy had taken hold of me and was taking all the pain that I had experienced within. I waited for a few days. But, this state persisted. One of my guru's had stated that what comes and goes is unreal and HE had also told me that ABSENCE OF BLISS IS NOT NECESSARILY ABSENCE OF SELF REALIZATION. I was bombarded with love, completely overwhelmed and I wept with unalloyed joy. My body has become very light and I am a ball of bliss. Intuitively, I reallized that I had reached a higher state. But I wanted to confirm with you. I have been silently sending this positive vibration of PURE LOVE to all my patients and to many of those who do not like me. Thank you once again, NOT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART BUT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY SOCKS. Years and years of spiritual seeking has finally bought me some meaning. I love you unconditionally dearest Victoria. Thank you thank you thank you... "

Loads and pots of love

"Vicki is an excellent tutor and mentor and I would recommend this course over and above any other which I have taken"

"very interesting and gave rise to wish to learn more "

"I found the Reiki course very well conducted and I am practicing it myself and do it for others too. Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan "
Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan
a good course

"I attended Vicki's course and it was amazing. She has a very hands on approach to teaching. Open, honest and puts your mind at ease while taking her course. I learnt level 1 & 2 in Reiki but due to travel commitments we could not complete our Master Level although I would give her a call once we are back to complete this face to face. Both courses were excellent value for money. The course material is a great bonus as I am still using this information today while completing other courses. I would advise to give these courses a try as they are value for money and will allow you to learn something new. "
Excellent course

"Having undertaken the reiki course, I discovered many positive changes in my life. The changes were subtle to begin with, however as I began to apply reiki to my life on a regular basis these changes became more pronounced. The initial changes were of a physical nature, in which I experienced a kind of purging of illnesses which had blighted me in the past. Once these had passed which was over several months I began to feel that my body was healing and a feeling of wellbeing that I hadn't experienced in many years. The ailments have not returned and my health has improved vastly. I have applied self healing on a regular basis and notice when I do not. The effects of reiki are instant and I feel a sense of calm and renewed purpose. I have no doubt that what I have learnt will be with me always and that it has been extremely value for money. You can't put a price on health and wellbeing "
reiki can change your life

hi there is been sixdays since my first attunement im feeling really good i have notice every so often i feel like my body is going through a healing crisis but i have a feeling its just the energy getting rid of the negative. but im feeling pretty darn good though i was having just a little fun the other day and thought about this clock on my desk the battery died about a month ago so i took it out and put my intent on recharging the battery now i keep having to set the clock back a few minuts it running fast and its been going for the past four days like this made me realise if i can recharge a double A battery that there is so much we can do that we didn't know before cool ok another thing here i know we live in a world of instant every thing and we can't seem to wait a second longer for things between the microwave dinners and instant coffee as humans we have become so wrapped up in speed we forget things like the smell of a rose the taste of real honey or thanking people for holding the door for us and I'm guilty of this to so i'm not saying im Mr perfect but we also live in this world with so many other people that have very little they don't have instant coffee the beg on the streets to get enough money for a cup of soup they are down on their luck and their energy to they don't know how to acess the universe thats where we come in if you can't share the light with strangers then you are never going to get anywhere in your life Victoria has no problem sharing her self with complete strangers she put out the enrgy that has helped so many of us so i want you to stop and think did i share anything with anyone today that wasn't a friend or family member try this next time you go to the store make eye contact with someone you don't know and smile and say to your self i love you i don't know you but i love you i can promise you that that person is going to smile back and may even say hi i guess what im trying to get across is that victoria wants our help and i think we should do what ever we can to help her she is overwhelmed with people wanting to be healed but nobody wants to give anything well the universe doesn't work that way my friends its a give to recieve contract so lets help her and the world lets heal this crazy messed up world one soul at a time if not for your self then do it for her


Are you struggling in these trying and uncertain times ?

So much confusion and conflicting advice you dont know where to begin helping yourself and your health ?

Keep your immune system it top form by eating immune boosting foods and herbs such as radish, fresh ginger, citrus fruits, garlic, turmeric spinach, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, kale, oregano and loads more

Or why not make some herbal teas ?
Lemon balm, liquorice root, cinommon, ginger, black or green tea

Our immune system is incredible at protecting us from all invaders given the right ingredients and conditions and does a superb job that we wont need to suffer the consequences of any virus because the immune system is defending us against them

To help your mental health at such times its imperative we interact with nature on a daily basis, its natural medicine. Looking and being in nature restores us and is medicine for the soul. Go for a walk or a bike ride. Get singing and dancing around the home while doing house work it will increase the endorphins and feel good factor regardless of what is going on outside. GET in the sunshine the UV kills viruses and its also another feel good factor along with vitamin D for the body and to lift and regulate your mood and help fight depression

another couple of things we should all be doing is keeping ourselves grounded and protected and tapping our immune system up. These are so simple to do and being a healer I do it twice a day without fail as a preventative measure so that I am not too open to all the negative energy out there

Visualise you are a tree and that your feet are tree roots going deep into the earths core keeping you grounded. Visualise yourself in a bubble or a pyramid while claiming you are grounded and protected at all times

Tapping up the immume system and eliminating toxins SEE BELOW
Near the collar bones you will find 2 indents. Tap quite hard or vigourously rub both sides while taking deep breaths for about 30 seconds. Just underneath the same area coming inwards slightly on the thymus tap the same as before for around 30 seconds taking deep slow breaths. Around the inside of shoulder on front where your arms join the body massage deep the lymphatics there vigourously to eliminate toxins from the body. Any tender areas massage a little more

Don't stress out. We can only do what is in our control and our own immune system IS. When we are in fear mode or stressed out our body kicks into fight or flight mode (our survival mechanism from the cave man days) and hopefully we are definately not about to be eaten by a tiger, although the bodies reaction would be exactly the same internally as it cannot recognise a REAL threat or IMAGINED ONE. Just at that point just by stopping everything we are doing and taking some slow deep breaths while repeating I am calm and I am relaxed to ourselves will really help

Use your mind. ANYTHING we hear, see, feel or talk about all day long we are vibrating internally and attracting to us externally. The mind is the author and the body the script. Whatever we are instructing it to do (and no choice is a choice) it will always follow. Just by thinking it, feeling it, fearing it - even if its NOT our true reality. Therefore this CAN be used to our advantage via visualisations and positive affirmations while FEELING how we really wish to FEEL. Everything is ENERGY constantly changing vibrations / frequencies including ourselves. It is so important to raise our vibration and keep our vibration raised in trying times even more so than normal. if something doesn't FEEL good, eliminate it and change it to something that does. Awareness is key and enables us to discover how our feelings effect our being. Without awareness we cannot change what we are doing on auto pilot, without ever being consciously aware we are even doing it. When we start to notice HOW we are feeling THEN we can change that accordingly to desired outcome or feeling we DO want

So much can come from uncertain times and sometimes its where we find hope and inner strength. From our greatest challenges can sometimes come our greatest achievements. I'm sure you will be sensing the calm and stillness around us right now and for some of us it is very uncomfortable as its not something we've ever experienced or used to. If you stay in the stillness for a while it can become very uplifting and rejuvenating

Stay healthy and keep your immune system in tip top form. sending lots of love and light to you all. XXXX

There are many simple ways to improve your health such as colour therapy AND ITS COMPLETELY FREE. You can find more details on this website, along with many other alternative therapies to help

If you need some help with boosting the immune system and free distant reiki healing sending just email vicki77002@hotmail.com your name/s and address or location and I will gladly send some 

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